How to choose a pram

In most pram cases, buying two baby pram. First – Buggy-cradle is used for children under the age of pram one year, the second – the so-called summer (walking) – for older kids pram.

pramStroller pram, bassinet cradle is distinguished by the rather large size, and in many cases performed as demi – ie it can be used in summer and in winter. Modern carriages, cradles allow you to make a cradle and use it to move the child in the building (for example, a cradle pramis very convenient to use in the children’s clinic). Additionally, the design allows the pram often put it, which in turn allows us to save space in the apartment and can transport it in pram a car.

The pram presence of large diameter wheels, typical of this type of share of pram, you can easily overcome obstacles while walking with a child in the street (curbs, sand, gravel, snow). A fairly significant height pram helps ease planting and raising a pram baby.pram

Among pram the negative aspects of this type of wheelchair – a rather significant weight (15-20 kg) and cost.

Carriages of the second type – summer or pleasure, are used to transport children aged 9-10 months in a sitting position. This type of pram is small in size, weight and cost that most parents will appreciate pram.

pramThe pram bad – the child uncomfortable to sleep in the pram, in addition, the Chair of this type are usually small wheels and a wheelchair to move over uneven surfaces (gravel, sand, snow) is pram difficult.

Prams transformers – versatile option, which is subject properties of both first and second class carriages.

These pram look like pram, cots, but they are designed to quickly turn into a walking pram.

Disadvantages of this type of baby pram – large size and weight (15 kg).

The cost of carriage-transformer compared with the pram, carrycot higher, but it is much lower than the cost of two pram (prams, cots and walking).